At Top Gun Garage, we are committed to delivering the ideal epoxy garage floor coating solution. Our team of experts will collaborate closely with you to ensure that your project adheres to high-quality standards and attains customer satisfaction.

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Maintenance Free Epoxy Garage Floor

Transform your garage into a sleek, functional space with our Maintenance Free Epoxy Floor Coatings. Our epoxy garage floor coatings offer a perfect combination of durability, aesthetics, and ease of maintenance. With our expertise and high-quality epoxy products, we deliver garage floors that are not only visually appealing but also built to withstand the demands of daily use.

Epoxy garage floors are an excellent choice for homeowners who want a long-lasting, low-maintenance flooring solution. The epoxy coating forms a seamless and protective layer over the concrete surface, creating a durable barrier against stains, chemicals, oils, and impacts. This makes it easier to clean and maintain, saving you time and effort in the long run.

At Top Gun Garage, we understand the importance of a garage floor that can withstand heavy traffic and harsh conditions. We utilize top-quality epoxy materials that have been specifically designed for garage floors. Our experienced technicians meticulously prepare the surface, ensuring proper adhesion and a smooth finish. We promise a perfect epoxy garage floor that will make your garage look better with our careful attention and precise techniques.

Why choose Top Gun for an epoxy garage floor? It shows you care about protecting your garage floor and improving its appearance.

With Top Gun, you can confidently say goodbye to damages, stains, and safety hazards thanks to their expertise and quality materials. Epoxy floors are strong, durable, and look polished. They show your style and prove that you take good care of your home.

Trust in the proven track record of Top Gun and take pride in a garage that exudes both functionality and style. So, why wait? Choose wisely and enjoy the benefits of a Top Gun epoxy garage floor. This flooring option will not only transform your garage but also make it more attractive and durable.


epoxy garage floorsepoxy garage floors

Why Get An Epoxy Garage Floor From Top Gun?

Investing in an epoxy garage floor from Top Gun is a decision that showcases your commitment to protecting your garage floor and elevates your space’s overall aesthetic. With Top Gun’s expertise and top-of-the-line materials, you can confidently say goodbye to damages, stains, and potential safety hazards. An epoxy floor boasts durability and strength and exhibits a sleek and polished appearance that demonstrates your personal taste and upholds a high standard of home maintenance.

Trust in the proven track record of Top Gun and take pride in a garage that exudes both functionality and style.  So, why wait?

Make a wise choice and embrace the benefits of an epoxy garage floor from Top Gun, transforming your garage into a visually pleasing and resilient space.


7 Reasons To Choose an epoxy floor COATING SYSTEM

  1. Resistant to harsh chemical and oil stains.
    2. If you install heavy-duty floor coating the right way, it lasts forever!
    3. Easy To Clean.
    4. Variety of colors & blends to choose from.
    5. Protection of your existing concrete.
    6. Your new floor requires very little maintenance.
    7. 15 Year Warranty.

Top Gun Garage offers custom epoxy garage floor coatings that provide long-term results with products that are virtually indestructible.

epoxy garage floors


Is An Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Worth It?

When you coat your garage’s concrete floor, you improve its appearance with an affordable and attractive option. So say goodbye to that dull grey color on the floor. We have formulated the floor coating products available for heavy-duty impact and usage.

These are unique floor coating systems that are unmatched anywhere. They will enhance the overall aesthetics of your garage floor and make it more resistant to debris, stains, and tire marks. You will no longer see all those tiny imperfections common with garage floors after you apply our unique floor coating.


It doesn’t matter which color, style, or texture you choose because our epoxy garage floor coatings are all highly durable. Garage floors are tough and can withstand vehicle stains, chemical spills, hot temperatures, sun damage, and abrasions.


Our special epoxy and polyaspartic coating can be applied to your garage floor. This coating has a textured finish. The textured finish can help prevent slips and falls.

In addition, we can provide a coating system designed for your specific needs. At Top Gun Garage, we understand that every application is different, and you deserve a coating system that performs best for how YOU use your space.


In most cases, installing your epoxy garage floor takes as little as one day. Our machines can complete surface preparation in just 1 hour in most situations. These machines are advanced shot blasting and diamond grinding machines. Top Gun Garage also uses high-powered dust collection systems with HEPA filters to ensure very little dust during preparation.

Our epoxy and polyaspartic coatings dry quickly. This allows us to complete the epoxy base coat, flake broadcast, and clear coat in just one day. As a result, you can enjoy your high-performance epoxy floor as soon as 24 hours after the installation is complete.

We ask that vehicles remain off the epoxy for 72 hours after your installation day. 

Industrial strength epoxy with moisture barrier!

The leading causes of concrete coating failure are inadequate surface preparation and vapor emissions. You may have seen or experienced some builder-grade or box-store epoxy lifting or flaking. Chances are, moisture is the culprit. But it may not be coming from where you think.

You see, here in Southwest Florida, we have loads of natural moisture in the soil and beneath your home’s foundation. Usually, when moisture appears on the surface, the concrete’s porosity lets it go into the air. If a coating is applied, that moisture cannot escape, creating pressure. If the coating is not properly bonded to the concrete, the vapor pressure will literally push the coating loose from underneath. 

At Top Gun Garage, we solve both of these problems:

  1. With adequate surface preparation via diamond grinding or shot blasting (depending on the hardness of your concrete). Is this necessary even for new concrete? The answer is a resounding YES!
  2. To let the epoxy go deep into the concrete, it’s important to take off the top layer of concrete.
  3. The result is a bond that is stronger than the concrete itself. A moisture vapor barrier.

    We use a high-viscosity moisture barrier epoxy that can stand up to 25 psi of vapor pressure. Think of the pressure from holding your finger over a garden hose coming through a concrete slab. Your epoxy flooring will receive protection from elements that come from underneath and on top.

Put simply, your epoxy flooring will be protected from elements that come from underneath and on top. 


Call (239) 488-7000 to talk about your epoxy floor coating needs. We serve Lee County and Collier County, Florida.


Is epoxy floor coating worth it?

Yes, epoxy floor coating is worth it. It offers exceptional durability, enhances the aesthetics of your space, and provides a seamless and easy-to-clean surface. It’s a long-term investment that adds value to your property.

How long will epoxy floor coating last?
Epoxy floor coating can last anywhere from 15 to 30 years depending on factors like usage, maintenance, and the quality of the installation.
What is the difference between epoxy flooring and epoxy floor coating?

Epoxy flooring typically refers to a complete system of layers, including primer, epoxy base coat, decorative layer (if applicable), and a protective topcoat. Epoxy floor coating is usually the top protective layer applied to concrete surfaces.

What is better than epoxy floor coating?

The suitability of flooring options depends on your specific needs. Polished concrete, rubber flooring, or polyurethane coatings are alternatives that suit certain requirements better.

What is the disadvantage of epoxy coating?

Epoxy coatings can be sensitive to UV light, leading to discoloration over time. They can also be challenging to apply perfectly without professional assistance.

Is epoxy flooring a good idea?

Yes, epoxy flooring is a great idea due to its durability, aesthetic appeal, and easy maintenance. It’s suitable for various spaces, from homes to commercial areas.

Are epoxy floors worth it?

Yes, epoxy floors are worth it for their longevity, versatility, and aesthetic enhancement. They can transform spaces and offer a cost-effective solution in the long run.

Are epoxy floors high maintenance?

No, epoxy floors are not high maintenance. They are easy to clean and require regular sweeping and occasional mopping to keep them looking their best.

Does epoxy flooring scratch easily?

Epoxy flooring is resistant to scratches and abrasions, making it suitable for high-traffic areas.

Does epoxy crack over time?

Properly installed epoxy flooring should not crack over time. It offers a durable and seamless surface that can withstand daily use.

What is epoxy flooring coating?

Epoxy flooring coating applies epoxy resin on concrete surfaces to create a durable, smooth, and visually appealing finish.

Are there different types of epoxy flooring?

Yes, there are different types of epoxy flooring, including self-leveling epoxy, epoxy mortar systems, epoxy flake flooring, and metallic epoxy, each with its unique features.

Is polyaspartic floor coating better than epoxy?

Polyaspartic floor coating is known for its faster cure time, making it suitable for projects with tight deadlines. However, epoxy might offer better adhesion and chemical resistance in some cases.

What is the most durable floor coating?

Polyurea coatings are considered some of the most durable floor coatings due to their exceptional resistance to abrasions, chemicals, and impacts. However, moisture and other natural factors may not be suitable in some geographical locations.

Is polyurea or epoxy better?

Polyurea and epoxy have their strengths. Polyurea cures faster and more flexibly, making it suitable for environments with temperature fluctuations. Epoxy offers excellent adhesion and chemical resistance and has a better ability to bond to concrete. Especially in areas with ground moisture such as Florida

Why Should You Consider Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy flooring should be considered due to its durability, aesthetic benefits, and ability to protect your floor from various types of damage.

What is the most durable floor coating?

Epoxy coatings are considered some of the most durable floor coatings due to their exceptional resistance to abrasions, chemicals, and impacts. However, moisture and other natural factors may not be suitable in some geographical locations.



6 Steps To A Brand New Floor



Using exclusive tools like diamond and hand grinders, the concrete's top layer is removed to ensure the strongest possible adhesion for long-lasting results.



When there are pits, after cracks, it's important to fill those in to ensure the floor has a smooth finish.



COAT IT We apply a 100% solid epoxy basecoat system. This coating is flexible after it dries. Once poured, it will seep into the pores of the concrete's surface, creating roots when fully cured. The best option on the market



Polymer-based flakes are then broadcast across the floor using 3x as much flakes as required to ensure all areas are covered generously and evenly.



Because there are excess amounts of flakes and flakes that stand on end, they need to be scraped away to be prepared for the final step.



Using the Polyaspartic system as the top coat, this industrial grade polymer coating is the strongest system that can be used. It's also 100% UV proof. You'll be ready to move back in within 24 hours!




epoxy floor coatingepoxy floor coating
epoxy floor coating afterepoxy floor coating after
epoxy garage floorsepoxy garage floors




At Top Gun Garage, ensuring the job is completed correctly holds the utmost importance. Our certified technicians are adept at providing concrete solutions with unwavering excellence every time they engage in a project. Backed by years of experience, you can rely on us to perform at the highest level.

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With an unwavering commitment to quality, Top Gun Garage backs its artistry with a 15-year written warranty applicable to all our concrete coating services.

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Our professional team is here to assist you throughout the process of achieving a remarkable transformation! Relax and look forward to the outstanding results of your new floor coating.

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Our longstanding reputation as a trusted partner for quality and dependability has made us the go-to choice for customers. With our world-class materials, we ensure that customers can safely invest in the best protection available in today's market. It's not surprising that many turn to us in their times of need.


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