Designer Epoxy


Turn your floor into a work of art 

Epoxy flooring is not just for garages. You can create a vibrant space from the ground up using Top Gun Garage's one-of-a-kind Designer Epoxy systems. Whether you are looking to transform your kitchen flooring, bathroom flooring, or mancave flooring; Designer Epoxy Flooring can transform your space into a masterpiece. It also provides a durable, easy to clean surface that can stand up against wear and stains for years to come. Your Designer Epoxy Floor will be completely tailored to your distinctive space and can never be duplicated. Your floor is often underrated when it comes to the ambiance of your home. Memories are made while gathering with family and friends inside your home, so why not have a memorable flooring system? Find your custom blend of colors here!


Seamless flooring that protects against the elements

Porous areas in your grout, cracks in between wood panels and carpet can be a breeding ground for dirt and bacteria. No matter how often you sweep and mop, it seems like your floor is never completely clean. Think of what may be living on your floor after years of tracking in outside contaminates and pet stains.  Designer Epoxy Fooring is seamless which means that there are no cracks and crevices to harbor grime and harmful microbes. That is why Epoxy Flooring is the number one choice for food service areas and medical facilities. The hydrophobic properties of epoxy allow for easy cleaning that does not stain or retain odors. 


Durable Epoxy that protects your floor

Metallic Epoxy Flooring protects your floor from the rigors of daily life. The urethane topcoat that is added during the final stage of installation provides resistance to wear, scratches, chemicals, and bacteria. The final finish is available in high-gloss, satin, and matte. This is adjusted by adding aluminum powder that increases the slip resistance without sacrificing the ease of cleaning. Your Designer Epoxy Flooring is relatively maintenance-free as it only requires routine sweeping and mopping preferably with a microfiber mop and that's it! Your vibrant epoxy floor with look amazing for years to come. Designer Epoxy Flooring truly is art you can stand on.


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